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The Business Travel Professional Diploma 

 Business Travel Professional

Level 1

  • The Value of Business Travel

  • Industry Infrastructure

  • The Role of the TMC

  • Understanding the Client

  • Understanding  Value Proposition

 Business Travel Professional

Level 2

  • The TMC Business Model

  • Automation for Efficiency

  • The Client is King

  • Personalising the Travel Experience

  • Corporate Travel to 2030

 Business Travel Professional

Level 3

  • Test your Business Acumen

  • Evaluate the Market

  • The Key to Successful Management

  • Disruptors in the Industry

  • Travel Management - What's Next?

Clive Wratten


"The BTA is passionate about promoting the business travel industry as a career choice. The BTA diploma will play an integral part in ensuring our sector has a robust pipeline of enthusiastic and well-qualified employees for the future and to create a clear pathway for career development within the sector."

Mel Phaure

Director of Blue Cube

Travilearn has been an invaluable source of information and training, our employees that have taken the online learning courses have come out the other side with a much clearer understanding of why it is we do what we do.

Neil Wainwright

Head of L & D

Clarity Travel Management

I would highly recommend this Diploma to anyone within the TMC arena. Our staff members said working their way through Levels 1 to 3 in a virtual and interactive way helped to increase their product knowledge and business travel industry awareness.  We have enrolled more staff members this year and will continue to do so in the future.

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