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Clive Wratten, CEO of BTA

The BTA is passionate about promoting the business travel industry as a career choice.  The BTA diploma will play an integral part in ensuring our sector has a robust pipeline of enthusiastic and well-qualified employees for the future and to create a clear pathway for career development within the sector.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO, Advantage Travel Partnership

We’re delighted to partner with Travilearn to allow our members to invest in equipping employees with the skills needed to succeed in the industry of business travel. These specialist courses not only provide valuable professional development but are designed in a way that both suits modern learning styles and fit with the busy working environment.


Would you recommend this to others? Absolutely – the course covers so much content that is invaluable to anyone no matter what your work position is. The amount of knowledge that you gain from doing the diploma is so vast that there is no way someone couldn’t benefit from it.


I would definitely recommend this Diploma as it provides an overall view of business travel management past/present and future and there are so many interesting things to learn.

The courses were very informative and have helped me gain more knowledge in business travel management as a whole and it will help my future development. It has also made me look at the bigger picture rather than just my own day to day role.


 I found it had a good variety of reading, video and quizzes to help keep me engaged throughout. The statistics and ‘did you know’ snippets were also a great addition to the course and provided lots of thought-provoking information. The course provided a varied balance of media and a clear structure which made it comfortable to run through.

I believe this course definitely provides a lot of great information that has given me a better understanding of business travel. There has clearly been a lot of hard work put into it, and this is definitely reflected in its high quality


I was properly engaged within the first 10 seconds of the course. I love the fact it’s like a story and you are visually showing the learner the types of scenarios.  I think you can even make it better by adding some click buttons where people can click to see a greater description of some of the heading/sub heading that have been discussed. 

 This kind of online course is totally the type I love, its engaging and I don’t have to read anything too lengthy.

 Karen, I really love it. Fabulous. Thumbs up from me!!


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