Time to Transition

Transfer your skills.

Be the best candidate

you can be.

Get ready for a new career

How to refine your transferable skills and tailor them for high demand fields and sectors.

Take the next steps

How to identify roles that are the best fit and customising your CV to get noticed

Build on your successes

How to increase your success rates by expanding  your network and contacts in new fields & sectors

"I have completed the course which I found wonderful.  I love the embedded links to job sites for a variety of industry sectors.  Also the links through to business agenda was superb and I have as a result purchased the book just to make sure that I am up to date.


I have already recommended the course to an ex-colleague as it makes you look at everything so differently".


Account Management

Time to Transition

Tailored specifically to help Account Managers, brought to you by:


Time to Transition

Tailored specifically to help Operations, brought to you by:

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