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Meet The Team

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Karen-Maria McKenna

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"Creating business models is an art as well as a science. We've spent years mastering the art specifically as it relates  to corporate travel management. We consult, run workshops and even build e-learning courses on this topic, inspired by some of the world's top business thinkers in this field -Peter Drucker, Clay Christensen, Michael Porter as well as other geniuses in the field".

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Andy Slough

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"Many travel organisations continue to  reinvent and rebuild their products, services and business models, as client demands evolve. Many have a particular focus on risk management, sustainability, travel alternatives and of course, tech and AI. The stakes have never been higher and we are here to help reinvent the change management playbook".

corporate strategy

Without a clear corporate strategy a company loses sight of their main objectives, it lacks stability and eventually becomes uncompetitive. Our Strategy Playbook will transform your business and get you back on the right path to success. 

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business growth

Has your business stagnated? Are you sales team struggling to convert sales deals? Our Customer Lifecycle Intelligence tools will propel your B2B relationships, to help you find new business, increase WINS and create Customer Lifetime Value.

professional development

Lack of professional development in the workplace leads to stagnation and lack of innovation. Our structured Learning Programs and one-to-one mentoring are designed to develop soft skills, improve productivity and morale and ultimately employee wellbeing. 

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