Are you travel risk ready?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Poised for the restart...

Many business travellers are keen to get back to in-person meetings to close those deals that cannot be done virtually. With travel restrictions being relaxed, these travellers now face a very different landscape en-route to their destinations. Those that were once considered safe may not be, so employees need be be guided, well prepared and, well protected.

A travelling employee will undoubtedly feel anxious and uneasy about what business travel will look like after such a long pause. What are the new airport and airline protocols? Will they be able to travel safely and healthily at their destination?

Balancing business recovery with supporting and protecting business travellers is now a major priority for employers. Key stakeholders responsible for travel risk management need to proactively consider the risks relating to business travel and, how these risks may be mitigated.

Now ask yourself a few of these poignant questions...

Have you conducted a travel risk assessment to analyse where attention is most needed?

If not, then you need to analyse your organisation's travel pattern data provided by your key travel suppliers.

Does your organisation understand the risk profile of its travellers?

You should - unfamiliar environments, differing employee profiles and the physical effects of travel can put your employees at greater risk.

Have you considered putting training in place to address identified risks?

If not, can you be sure that your travellers are equipped with the tools to carry out their trip, safely and with confidence?


How can organisations mitigate against these types of risks?


A new ISO standard has joined the ISO31000 Risk Management family - ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management, to assist organisations on how to manage the risks associated with undertaking business travel.

Released this month, the standard will provide a structured approach to the assessment, evaluation, development and implementation of an organisation's travel policies and travel risk management programmes.

ISO 31030 is a far-reaching new Standard that sets out and benchmarks the steps that employers and travel organisers should take to address the reasonably foreseeable risks to travelling staff, covering every aspect of travel.

One of the aims of the standard is to promote a culture where travel-related risk is taken seriously, resourced adequately, and managed effectively. This should ensure that the benefits to the organisation and relevant stakeholders are recognised and realised.

Now is the time to start to prepare - defining where ownership sits within your organisation is a good place to start, as well as analysing how the new standard can be integrated within your wider organisational risk management capabilities.

Next Steps?

Travilearn and Global Secure Accreditation have just announced the release of our e-learning course for travel and procurement professionals in how to prepare their organisation for the ISO 31030 standard.

Access the ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Foundation Course now