Travel Buyer's Playbook 2021

The pandemic has created profound uncertainty around the (once) simple things in life that we took for granted. No more so than the ability to travel from A to B. The truth is that as the global vaccination programme is rolled out, the demand to travel may happen quicker than anticipated. If it does, are you prepared and ready for that pent-up demand for business travel?

This might sound too optimistic given the current second wave we find ourselves in, however, there are positive signs that recovery has already started.

According to the IMF, a recovery has taken root in the third quarter of 2020 and is expected to strengthen gradually over 2021.

Time for Leadership

As 2021 approaches, the world is planning for the year ahead -and beyond. Since uncertainty remains high, many travel buyers face a real leadership moment.

  • When will you start thinking about unlocking the travel freeze?

  • How will you know when the time is right?

  • How has your supply chain been disrupted?

  • Is the travel program still fit for purpose?

  • What are your competitors doing?

  • Are your T & E policies clear on key areas, such as Duty of Care?

  • What are the key drivers for the programme now - have they changed?

  • Who should you engage with internally?

  • Where can you find guidance and leadership from the travel community?

Sitting Comfortably?

Well you shouldn't be...

As soon as the virus is contained, the mood will rise and economic momentum will accelerate at an unprecedented pace. You had better be ahead of the game when it does. Rebuilding frozen travel programmes is the priority now. They must be ready to be reignited, so that they are aligned with the irrevocable changes that have taken place during the pandemic.

Much has changed in the supply chain and it's critical that you are informed and up to date on developments. Ask yourself these questions: Who should you talk to? Whose opinion can you trust? Which companies have been innovating? What thought leaders have emerged during the crisis? How do you differentiate one supplier from another?

Time to Transform

Any organisation with (or without) a travel programme, now finds themselves in unchartered territory and they need guidance from the thought leaders and leading influencers in a new-look business travel industry.

The Travel Buyer Playbook is the latest e-learning tool from Travilearn, developed in collaboration with the innovators and leading subject matter experts in travel management.

The Playbook takes a step-by-step approach to a new look travel programme in a sector going through the biggest transformation in its history.

Don't go back to the comfort of "doing what you did" - the policies and bureaucracy that slowed things down in the past can now be challenged. Use this time to reimagine and stretch your mindset to transform your travel programme, so it reflects the "next normal" in travel management.


The Travel Buyer Playbook 2021is a self-paced e-learning course available anywhere, anytime, on any device