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Travel Buyer's Playbook 2023

Throughout 2022 the business travel sector was still distracted by internal challenges - outdated legacy systems, supply chain disruption, staff shortages and evolving business models - to name a few. This meant that the supply chain lacked the flexibility to craft the right customer solutions, as they were so immersed in trying to fix these problems.

Time for Leadership

As travel buyers and managers plan for more uncertainty in 2023 and beyond - they face a real leadership moment.

  • How has your supply chain been performing?

  • Is the travel program still fit for purpose?

  • Have you benchmarked to see what your competitors are doing?

  • Are your T & E policies clear on key areas, such as Travel Risk, DE&I and Sustainability?

  • What is driving the program for 2023?

  • Who do you need to engage with internally?

  • Where can you find guidance and leadership from the travel community?

Sitting Comfortably?

Well you shouldn't be...

There are so many external factors influencing and affecting the supply chain in the business travel sector, so it's critical that you are informed and up to date on developments.

Ask yourself these questions: Who should you talk to? Whose opinion can you trust? Which companies have been innovating? What are thought leaders predicting or saying? How do you differentiate one supplier from another?

Time to Transform?

The Travel Buyer Playbook is the latest e-learning tool from Travilearn, developed in collaboration with innovators and leading subject matter experts in travel management.

The Playbook takes a step-by-step approach to updating or even transforming a travel programme in a sector that still faces more challenges in 2023.

Policies and bureaucracy that have slowed things down in the past, now need to be challenged. This is the time to reimagine and stretch your mindset to transform your travel programme for Next Generation travel management.


The Travel Buyer Playbook 2023 is a self-paced e-learning course available globally on any device



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