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...and improve the customer experience

A lot of change is coming to our industry and business travel employees will want to be informed, engaged and ready. The business travel eco-system is now rapidly innovating and adopting the latest technologies, in order to meet the new business travel demands of corporations and their travellers - as well as the new government legislation.

Travilearn's latest course will up-skill business travel professionals in the emerging digital and disruptive technology, that will reshape the industry over the next few years.

Overnight airports, airlines and hotel groups have accelerated the implementation of contactless, touchless, voice-recognition, biometric scanning and travel "bubbles".

Digital Transformation has just been prioritised

during the ongoing pandemic crisis.

The industry will move even faster to reimagine, reshape and reinvent the end-to-end passenger experience. Business travel professionals will need to keep building their knowledge and expertise, to remain relevant and to continually transform the business trip.

What our students say:

Really informative.  It emphasises the importance of automation and technology going forward, which is going to be crucial in the "new normal" for travel management.

David Bishop, Travel Counsellors

I really enjoyed this course. It was very relevant to both my role and the industry moving forward.  It certainly gave me something better to do whilst on furlough and even more fantastic that's its so relevant to my work!

Emma Sharp, Senior Business Travel Consultant, CTM

Just some of the great feedback we have had from our early adopters, securing their role in the new normal for travel management.

How are you using your time in the lockdown? Baking banana bread, worlds-greatest TikTok dancer, or joining Alice, David and Emma and getting ready for the return?

It won't be long now before you're un-furloughed, it's time to join Alice, David and Emma and many more

Special Offer

All furloughed business travel staff will be given a 50% discount using code DIG49 when registering for Future-proofing your Digital Skills

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