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New Normal, not "Back to Normal"

The New TMC Business Model - Part 1

The pandemic has leapfrogged business travel clients into a more digitised world. Will there be subtle changes to their business travel programs - or will they be profound?


Executives and Management should already be anticipating new normal, not "back to normal" Andy Slough, CTO


Business Travel Professionals will play a pivotal role in the "new normal" for travel management. They will support clients and their travellers through the maze of uncertainty and risk. Specifically, roles in Business Development will be defined by the very technologies that everyone has become accustomed to during the lockdown - virtual meetings, online presentations, collaboration tools and webinars.

Using these digital tools, their focus will now be translating the new landscape to their clients, as well as being operationally aware and sensitive to the dynamics of where their travel program was before the pandemic and after. They will help clients to review and update travel policies, programs, legal and moral obligations, duty of care, cost control, forecasting trends and most importantly, managing risk.

The travel program will never be the same again - so, business travel professionals need to keep building their knowledge and expertise and their confidence so they can reimagine, reshape and reinvent the TMC business model.

Is your business model ready?

Are your employees ready?

Do you need to cross-train for new roles?

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