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The industry will be

-Leaner and Meaner -

Make sure you're READY.

Build your skillset and MENTAL FITNESS, to get back to the career you love.  

Want to Know More?

Catch up with what's been happening in the industry.  A lot has changed while you have been away.  Make sure you are up to date with all the developments.

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New skills are now needed for the new normal.  More automation, more digital, more virtual.  Increase youR knowledge and learn all the latest skills required.

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A leaner and meaner business travel market means a more competitive industry.  Make sure you're ready to resume your role in a market where the fittest will thrive.

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"The Business Travel in the New World Diploma is informative, inspiring, with interesting topics for discussions,  and full of useful strategies that can be implemented in the TMC. The research and articles are appropriate to our industry as well as informative. This course would be a huge benefit to everyone”

Scott Lee Gordon, Wexas Travel Management

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